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Cizeron's Visitor Management System is a comprehensive VMS designed for medium and large enterprises, including corporate organizations, schools, and hospitals. It offers a dual interface for client-server applications and web browser support, ensuring enhanced security. The system is available as web-based or android-based standalone, and its smart visitor identification software simplifies appointment scheduling, provides site control, and is easy to customize to meet specific needs.

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Cizeron is a kiosk manufacturer in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, offers budget-friendly kiosks like digital boards, retail kiosks, and self-service kiosks, along with Visitors Management kiosk software.

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About Visitor Management System

A visitor management solution is a software-based system that streamlines and enhances visitor management within an organization. It allows better resource allocation, enhances security measures, and provides a positive visitor experience. The Visitor Management Software is a Android App-based solution for Front Office Reception management, storing visitor information, managing events, increasing control over building occupants, recording visit information, controlling time, reducing writing errors, and managing visitor arrival flow and alerts for unauthorized entry.

How We Work

How Does Digital Visitor Management Software Work?

Digital Check-In

Guest enters name and details on software

Generate Digital Badge

Visitor receives digital badge with details.

Host is Notified

System notifies the host that a guest has arrived.

Check Out and Share Feedback

Visitor checks out and provides their feedback.

Why Choose

Why Choose Cizeron's Interactive Visitor Management Software

Extensive Industry-Specific Experience

We have extensive industry knowledge, enabling us to develop solutions for visitor management systems, recognizing the significance of understanding client needs.

Best Pre-and Post-Sale Support

Our dedicated team provides product-specific and service-centric support to partners and end-users, ensuring timely resolution of queries and managing healthy SLAs.

Customization Options

Our software offers customization options to suit the specific business needs, such as badge designs, visitor check-in workflows, and data fields.

Our Benefits

Features of a Visitor Management System


Visitor offers a contactless check-in service by providing visitors with a QR code, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient check-in process. Supports finger print authentication.


The software offers comprehensive analytics and reporting, providing valuable insights into visitor volume, visit times, and purposes, and facilitating easy data export for users.


The system features a client/server architecture with web client support, easy installation and deployment with Spectra's assistance, and a user-friendly interface.


It also allows for appointment scheduling, reporting, and restricting visitor access to specific zones. The system also offers advanced data search and user-customizable visitor pass formats.


It integrates with Spectra's Access Control Software and allows for walk-in, repeated, and pre-registered visitor management. It includes visitor pass with photo, credentials, and printing capabilities.


It is suitable for all industrial sectors, including corporate offices, schools, plants, banks, and more. Generate personalized badges printed instantly for increased security and identification within your office premises.


FAQs On best Visitor Management Systems For Business

A cloud-based digital sign-in system replaces traditional paper sheets in office management, saving time, enhancing security, and improving guest experience. It also contributes to compliance with regulations, ensuring a streamlined and effective approach to managing visitors entering premises.

While most visitor management systems are user-friendly, it's advisable to offer basic training to employees on how to effectively use the system, as most are already familiar with the system's functionality. Contact Cizeron for more details on visitor management system software in Coimbatore.

The cost of visitor management software varies based on desired features and functionality, but there are numerous affordable solutions available, even for small businesses. For more details on cost of VMS for your organization, contact us.

Some of the features in Cizeron's Visitor Management System

  • Client/Server architecture with web client support.
  • Easy installation and deployment.
  • User-friendly GUI and entry screens.
  • Dashboard with active visitors and visitor summary count.
  • Integration with Access Control Software.
  • Walk-in, repeated, and pre-registered visitor management.
  • Visitor pass with photo, credentials, and printing capabilities.
  • Suitable for all industrial sectors.
  • Blacklist management for pass, terminals, access rights.
  • Appointment scheduling and reporting.
  • Software user rights administration.
  • Email/SMS to visitors prior to appointment.
  • Advanced data search and analytics.

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